Demand Planning Services

Forecasting and Demand Planning is an essential part of business planning and involves a wide range of functional areas such as marketing and sales, finance, operations and logistics. Statistical forecasts provide a first step towards a reliable prediction of what the future will bring, by identifying trends, patterns, and business drivers within the historic data. Using a structured approach, statistical forecasting techniques add value by increasing efficiency, reducing resources, increasing transparency, and increasing forecast accuracy.  Forecast is also the input for the other supply chain planning such as Inventory Management, Distribution and Production Planning and Sales and Operations Planning. For more information: Check our Services Sheet Demand Planning Services

Inventory Management Services

Inventory Management involves a deep understanding and supervision of all assets and stock items within a business. Through a well maintained process of stock control, quality control and cycle counting, business owners are able to accurately gauge the inventory needs of both their business and their customers, in a perfect world.

Many business owners struggle to accurately keep track of their inventory, which is why so many books have been written on the subject, and applications have been developed, to help handle inventory issues.

We can offer a full range of services to help businesses avoid incremental costs from line of credit borrowing, training staff thoroughly on how to do inventory management, and to maximize turns/margins, our direction is to install a profits first mentality.  We offer also a detailed analysis of all your inventory parameters to make sure your supply chain plans are running with the right information as ERP is too static for this. For more information: Check our Services Sheet Inventory Management Services


Supply Chain Analysis

Supply chain analysis is the process of evaluating every stage of a supply chain. Xeleos helps companies improve supply chain performance, transform business processes, develop in-depth analytics, and understand how synergy advantages can be achieved. Our highly experienced supply chain professionals deliver results—from quick-win cost savings to long-term growth and value creation.  We combine processes (by means of our Supply Chain Process Framework) with strategy, organization and supporting technology.


Supply Chain Process Framework

The topic of supply chain management (SCM) is complex to understand because it encompasses many different flows of activities, components, functions, and role-players. … Therefore we have developed an integrated Business Process Management tool(by means of Enterprise Architecture) where we have mapped all supply chain management processes on different levels.  All these processes are linked to human and systems actors.  We link also some major KPI’s for each of the process domains.  By implementing this framework you will have the possibility to start from a standard framework and adapt your processes to this framework.  It will bring immediate value and within a couple of days you have your complete supply chain on he table to start with the optimization of your supply chain.