Xeleos DNA

Who we are

Connecting development – sales and manufacturing, supply chain management is the backbone and cornerstone and driving force of your company. Xeleos Consulting is helping organizations to achieve sustainable benefits in their Supply Chain through specialized consulting services. We focus on helping organizations optimize their Supply Chain and align it to their business strategy. Making the right choices enables our clients to achieve their business objectives and improve  their operations significantly.


What we believe

We strongly believe that excellent solutions will be reached if they are based on solid Supply Chain concepts, if they create value for the company and if they are accepted and used throughout the whole organization.


What we do

Xeleos Consulting will work closely with you on all your Supply Chain issues: from improvement assessment through solution design to implementation. Process, organization, information systems and infrastructure are all tackled in our methodology. Our experienced hands-on consultants help you in all steps of the solution set up according to your needs.  We add significant value to an organization through the clarity of our thoughts and actions, seeking creative solutions to improve business practices.


How we do it

Our approach is recognizable by our focus on getting measurable results, transferring our knowledge to our clients and coaching them to achieve future success. Working alongside our clients we create practical action plans that enable them to make their vision a reality.  Our strength lies in the abilities of our people; their breadth of experience, industry knowledge, project management skills, business process management skills and progressive attitude.