Supply Chain Profs and Xeleos Consulting offer a logistics lifeline to companies in crisis

Supply Chain Profs and Xeleos Consulting offer a logistics lifeline to companies in crisis
10/11/2020 Xeleos Admin

The Dutch consultancy company Supply Chain Profs and the Belgian Xeleos Consulting are joining forces to help companies successfully overcome the economic crisis and even accelerate  despite difficult times. Both parties do this by guiding customers in a jointly developed methodology that focuses on insight, action and acceleration.

Economic quicksand due to lack of insight and perspective

The uncertain current economy, the unpredictability of what’s ahead and the changing government measures have drastic effects on businesses. Currently, not only specific companies or branches are affected, but logistical stress is felt throughout the entire business chains. An unprecedented number of companies are faced with serious continuity problems. Due to lack of insight into  availability of materials, resources as well as  development of demand, many companies end up in economic quicksand. Hard work in familiar day-to-day operations no longer seems sufficient. Entrepreneurs lose grip and do not know how to get back to solid ground rapidly.

Unique program as a professional lifeline

From an extensive background in business consultancy and supply chain management, Supply Chain Profs and Xeleos Consulting developed an accessible program to help entrepreneurs out of this plight. The program combines an iterative step-by-step plan, use of the intelligent Saas products from the Optimact portfolio and professional guidance on both strategic and tactical level. By sticking to the professional lifeline, entrepreneurs will quickly experience new certainty and success.

Luciën Cleven, Business Manager Supply Chain Profs says: “The need for real-time insight into own operations, the supply chains of suppliers and developments at existing and potential customers are – now more than ever – crucial. This is the only way to formulate alternative scenarios and options for timely adjustments. ”

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